When Matt saw Jaws for the first time, he knew he wanted to make movies for the rest of his life.

However, Jaws is not his favorite movie, it's Blade Runner.  His favorite TV show is Twin Peaks, his favorite band is The Beatles, his favorite song is Strawberry Fields Forever, and his favorite book is Fahrenheit 451All Quiet on the Western Front is a close second.  Slaughterhouse-Five is a close third.

He has three tattoos, all of which are visible when wearing a short sleeve shirt.

He's a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, a lifelong Chicago Bulls fan, and a not-as-long-as-life-but-still-pretty-long-time Atlanta Hawks fan.

He loves giving high fives, and thumbs ups.  Probably too much.  Also laughing.  He loves to have a good laugh- if you can make him laugh, you're in for life.

When he's not on set, he can be found hanging out with his wife, Lanae, or spending an inordinate amount of time with professional wrestlers.

He's also incredibly excited that he gets to do what he loves.


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