In 2014, Ideomotion Films embarked on a journey to produce our first major film.  The result is NUMBERS, a story of revenge and forgiveness and how closely the two are linked.

NUMBERS is finished and available for viewing on Amazon Prime.

Please check here for future screenings, and if you wish to screen the film privately, please contact us.


Starring: Phillip Justman, Alan Phelps, Jonathan Ludwikowski, Harley Shellhammer, Donna Stewart, Jonah Sams and Duran Smith

Writter/Director: Matt Dickstein
Director of Photography: Isaac Deitz
Art Direction/Make-Up: Marium Khalid
Assistant Director: Frank Abbamonte
Music (Not Featured in trailer): Jonathan Maiocco
Assistant Camera: Katie Drake, David Nobles
Sound: Jonathan Selden, James Wightman
Script Supervisor: Lanae Dickstein
Production Assistants: Daniel Lowe, Ashlyn Lowe, Julian Fedele

Produced by Isaac Deitz, Frank Abbamonte and Matt Dickstein

Shot in Georgia on a RED Epic with Canon Cinema Lenses.